Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the faithful gathered for the morning Holy Mass in the Casa Santa Marta, reflected on many Biblical stories that highlight a powerful person humiliating someone weaker and more vulnerable. His Holiness Pope Francis noted that the devil is behind this type of attitude because there is no compassion in him.

As reported by cruxnow.com, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “I ask myself: What is within these people? What is it within ourselves that pushes us to mock and mistreat others weaker than ourselves? It is understandable when a person resents someone stronger than them, perhaps as a result of envy but towards the weak? What makes us do that? It is something habitual as if I needed to ridicule another person in order to feel confident. As if it were a necessity” Further, His Holiness added, “And today we see it constantly in our schools; the phenomenon of bullying, attacking the weak, because you’re fat or foreign, or because you’re black, attacking and attacking, children and young people, too.”

His Holiness Pope Francis concluded his homily by inviting the faithful to ask the Lord Almighty to give us the grace of God’s compassion and reminded that God is the one who has compassion on us and helps us to move forward.