The Catholic Church in South Korea is continuously praying for the success of the talks between the two Koreas, as the delegations from both sides are preparing for their meeting in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). The 9th January, 2018, meeting in the border truce village of Panmunjom is taking place amid growing tensions over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes and the war of words between North Korean leader Kim Jong UN and US President Donald Trump.

As reported by Vatican radio, His Excellency Bishop Lazarus You Heung-sik of Daejeon, remarked that “The Korean Church has prayed and is praying for the talks between the two Koreas and for the meeting to be successful. I am happy, very happy.” His Grace Bishop Lazarus credited the progress between the North and South to the patience and perseverance South Korean president Moon Jae-in who never stopped holding the door open to meeting with the North, even in the most tense moments of the last months.

His Grace Bishop Lazarus reflected that the issue of the families is a heart-wrenching because it highlights the whole story of suffering in the two Koreas.