Sr. Bethany Madonna, vocations director for the Sisters of Life, a New-York based religious order, while giving her keynote speech on the third day of the Student Leadership Summit, conveyed that the love of God the Father is inexhaustible for the human heart. Sr. Madonna reminded that so many blessings are coming at us at every second of every day and the source of each and every one of these blessings is the blessing the Father gives us with himself.

As reported by Catholic News Agency, Sr. Madonna remarked that “Once we’ve received our own lives as a gift, and once we recognize that every human person is made in the image and likeness of God and is a communication of him, when I encounter another person, I recognize that they were brought into being by God all-mighty and are beloved of him.” Further, she added, “He loves them, they are communicating something to me that was actually entrusted to them by him and it’s unique.”

The Students of the Leadership Summit is an event hosted biennially by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students which aims to train young people to be effective evangelists. The theme selected for this year’s conference, which ran January 2-6, was “Inspire and Equip.”