Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the members of the Diplomatic Corps- UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, conveyed that from a Christian perspective, there was a significant relationship between the Gospel message and the recognition of human rights in the spirit of those who drafted the document. His Holiness highlighted that at a distance of seventy years, it was painful to see how many fundamental rights continue to be violated today.

As reported by Vatican radio, Holy Father Pope Francis emphasized on migration, saying that “The ability to leave one’s own country and to return there, was a fundamental human right. I thank countries such as Italy, who had shown an open and generous heart and offered positive examples of integration.” His Holiness also noted the sufferings undergone by the children due to the violation of human rights.

His Holiness Pope Francis concluded his remarks by reminding the importance of the right to employment, underlining that there could be no peace or development if individuals are not given the chance to contribute personally by their own labor to the growth of the common good.