Deacon Roger Stone in the UK has been awarded the British Empire Medal for rescuing trafficking victims. Deacon Roger, stationed in Southampton, UK, where he has been a Port Chaplain serving crew member for the past seven years through Catholic charity Apostleship of the Sea (AoS). He is awarded for his efforts and his work serving seafarers and rescuing trafficking victims over the last years.

As reported by Catholic News Agency, Deacon Roger remarked that “I am proud to work for the Apostleship of the Sea, the greatest and most effective maritime charity in the world. I am privileged to serve so many wonderful seafarers from so many countries around the world.” Further, he added, “I will always regard the Medal as a symbol of the love I have for seafarers who rely on Apostleship of the Seaport chaplains and volunteers for pure pastoral care. Without Apostleship of the Sea, seafarers would simply not receive the love and care they need.”

According to AoS, Deacon Stone also supported a group of abandoned fishermen from two ships in Sussex and was instrumental in raising emergency funds for the crew and their families in 2013-2014. The British Empire Medal is an honor awarded to individuals for civil or military service worthy to be recognized by the Crown.