His Eminence Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, the South-African Cardinal while responding to news posted on social media by Pro-Life champion Obianuju Ekeocha who noted that only three days into 2018, the world had already seen the deaths of 293,548 unborn babies through “legal” abortion. His Eminence Cardinal Napier replied to this with a rhetorical question, “How can a culture that destroys its unborn babies with such abandon ever hope to have a happy or peaceful future, which is the deepest-seated desire of every human heart?”

As reported by breitbart.com, His Eminence Cardinal Napier tweeted that “To say abortion is safer than childbirth is like saying ‘life’ in a grave in the cemetery is safer than life on the street. On the street, you could get knocked over by a bus, mugged by a desperate drug user or shot by an extremist.”

This is not the first time His Beatitude Cardinal Napier, who is also the Archbishop of Durban, has strongly voiced his firm opposition to the killing of children in the womb.