Curtis Martin, the founder and Chief Evangelization Officer of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), a nationwide group of missionaries whose primary aim is to evangelize students on college campuses, encouraged the young Catholics to share the gospel. Martin, while giving his keynote at the Student Leadership Summit 2018, conveyed that if young adults proclaim the Gospel with clarity and conviction, they can produce spiritual fruits that can reach billions of people.

As reported by Catholic News Agency, Martin remarked that “This generation of Catholics is responsible for this generation of people. Brothers and sisters, dig deep in divine intimacy, gather your friends close to you and love them in a crazy sort of love in authentic friendship and then go out and reach the world by sharing both faithfulness and fruitfulness.” Further, he added, “Accept the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. Stop trying to earn his love. You can’t, He just loves you. Then respond to his love out of thankfulness but the second part of that is not just to love Jesus and follow him but to imitate Him, to embrace His mission and His mission was to reach the world.

Marin concluded his keynote by reminding the gathered students that “When you begin to pray specifically for guidance, God will bring names and faces to you, and then you can go and begin praying for them, intentionally, that they’ll become great saints.” The Student Leadership Summit 2018 (SLS18) is a conference FOCUS hosts every two years to train young adults and other leaders to spread the Gospel effectively. Attendance at this year’s Chicago summit numbered around 8,000 attendees.