As a part of the preparation to welcome Holy Father Pope Francis to the country, the prisoners in Peru took an initiative to make three lakhs rosary and have successfully completed this mission. To complete this divine mission, the prisoners from 12 jails of the country, took three whole months. These rosaries would be sold during the papal visit in the country, as a part of ‘Productive Prison’ project initiated by the prisoners, under the guidance of Penitentiary Institute and Lima Diocese.

As reported by, Fr. Louis Gasper Uriber, Executive Director of the Pope’s Lima visit, addressed the prisoners, saying,“ You should never feel ashamed, God is never ashamed of you. Peru will see your creativity. He ensured that a part of the profit gained after the sale of rosary would be given to the prisoners. A prisoner named Martha Huwalinga in Virgen de Fatima prison said that “Each rosary that I made is a sign of my repentance.” Martha has been imprisoned since last eight years.

Holy Father Pope Francis is scheduled to depart on the two-legged journey (Peru and Chile) on 15th January and return to the Vatican on 22nd January 2018.