Every human being values his life because of which all the people around him value the others.Every step taken in this world would be of a different value by people. Sickness is something which everyone in this world would get. Sickness is different for everyone around the globe. Every sickness has its own positivity and negativity, but we are taught how to tackle our sickness in its own ways.

 People who are sick can be of different ages. Our Lady of Lourdes was a person who was a living hope for the people who were sick. Her way to keep up the spirit of living among the people was very different. She likely said, “I do not promise to make you happy in this world but in the other”.

 We the upcoming youth need to learn her way of living and her positivity which will help us keep up the growing spirit among one another. Try to keep the people happy so as to make everyone smile. A smile on our face can make the person in front of us feel motivated to live and fight against his sickness.




Written by: Ann Josy