Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the faithful gathered at Casa Santa Marta conveyed that heaven is the place of eternal joy in the face-to-face encounter with Jesus, not just some boring place as some imagine. His Holiness Pope Francis reflected on the Christian’s earthly journey toward heaven, where we will be welcomed by the joy of a face-to-face encounter with Jesus.

As reported by Vatican Radio, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “Paul calls Jesus’ resurrection the fulfilment of God’s Promise. The people of God walked with this promise in their heart, knowing their status as “the elect”. Even when they were unfaithful, the people of God trusted in the promise, because they knew God is faithful. We, too, are in movement along the path. When asked where we are heading, we say, ‘Towards heaven!’ ‘So what’s heaven?’ some ask. There we begin to be unsure in our response. We don’t know how best to explain heaven. Often we picture an abstract and distant heaven.  And some think: ‘But won’t it be boring there for all eternity?’ No! That is not heaven. We are on the path towards an encounter: the final meeting with Jesus. Heaven is the encounter with Jesus.”

Holy Father concluded his homily by reminding that Jesus is the priestly intercessor, right up to the end of the world.