Msgr. Sebastian Francis Shaw, archbishop of Lahore, during a conference organized on the occasion of the World Day of Social Communications urged the need of peace journalism in the country. Msgr. Shaw was participating in a symposium held at the Rabita Manzil, the office of the Social Communications Commission of the Pakistani Episcopal Conference. The archbishop invites all media operators to become part of the “holy mission and to reject war journalism”.

As reported by, His Excellency Shaw remarked that “We need only stories that are good for the community. Tales based on gossip and sensationalist pieces of opinion are the cause of conflicts in our country. People must avoid reacting to comments posted on social networks by insulting other people or religion “.

Hyacinth Peter, executive secretary of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Conference of Major Superiors (Major Superiors Leadership Conference of Pakistan) appealed that “Instead of helping victims cameramen are more interested in collecting comments.  Live coverage of terrorist incidents increases fear and terror in society. Many weekly or monthly magazines generate profits by hiring reporters whose sole task is to blackmail people”, as reported by