The Archbishop of Taipei, Msgr. John Hung Shan-chuan wants Pope Francis to visit the island of Taiwan, where no pontiff has ever set foot. The occasion could be the national Eucharistic Congress to be held on the island next March. also stressed that it is time to see the Church of Taiwan as a Church in its own right, and the people of Taiwan as a whole, without wanting to absorb it in one thing with China.

As reported by, After having said that he wanted to communicate to the Secretariat of State and the pope the invitation to come to Taiwan, Mgr. Hung continued: “The first reason for the invitation is that no pope ever came to Taiwan. Never, for 70 years. The history of Taiwan for the past 70 years is also a story of suffering. We too [like Christians in China] have always suffered in being considered as a nation to itself or as a part of China “.

 Mgr. Hung said that for this invitation he has the support of the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen.