Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the faithful gathered at his general audience concluded his series of reflections on the sacrament of Baptism, speaking of the spiritual fruits that it brings to each believer. His Holiness Pope Francis noted that right from the first centuries of Christianity, it became a tradition to dress those who had received the waters of Baptism in new, white clothes to symbolize the new and transfigured life received through Christ and the Holy Spirit.

As reported by Vatican news, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “Those being baptized are also given a candle, lighted from the Easter candle, as the priest says the words, “Receive the light of Christ”.  These words remind us that we are not the light, but rather we are called to receive the light of Christ who has risen from the dead and overcome the shadows of evil.” Further, His Holiness added, “Just as the Easter candle gives light to all our individual candles, so the love of the Risen Lord inflames the hearts of all the baptized. That is why, in the first centuries, Baptism was known as the sacrament of Illumination.”

The Pontiff also highlighted that “Christian education is a right of each child so that they can gradually come to know the plan of God for them. The living presence of Christ in us is the lamp which lights our way, guides our decision-making and warms our hearts as we travel together towards our encounter with the Lord.” His Holiness Pope Francis concluded his catechesis with the words of his recent Apostolic Exhortation ‘Rejoice and Be Glad’, urging his listeners to let the grace of Baptism bear fruit in their lives.