The Chilean Bishops’ conference announced Tuesday the members of a “Listening Service” set up to welcome and guide victims of sexual abuse. The list was published June 19 after Archbishop Scicluna of Malta and Msgr. Jordi Bertomeu, His Holiness Pope Francis’ envoys for the Pastoral Mission to Osorno confirmed the creation of this service in order to facilitate the process for victims.

As reported by CNA, A statement said, “The members of the National Council who will perform this service will offer a point of contact victims can trust so they can feel supported in the process of the search for the truth with charity and justice.”

The members of the ‘Listening Service’ belong to the National Council for the Prevention of Abuse and Accompaniment of the Victims of the Chilean bishops’ conference and will have as their mission “to welcome and guide” those people who could not meet with the papal envoys.