Holy Father Pope Francis sent a handwritten letter to the President of the Chilean Bishops’ Conference on August 5th, thanking the country’s bishops for their “edifying example” of a united Church community.  The Pontiff also expressed his appreciation for the Chilean bishops’ reflections on their failure to respond to a clerical sex abuse crisis.

As reported by Vatican news, In his letter released by the Chilean Bishops’ Conference, His Holiness Pope Francis said he was “impressed by the work of reflection, discernment, and decisions” carried out to produce a document, entitled “Declaration, Decisions, and Commitments of the Chilean Bishops’ Conference”. The Pontiff called their decisions “realistic and concrete” and said they will be a “decisive” help in confronting the crisis.

His Grace Bishop Santiago Silva, to whom the Pope’s letter was addressed, thanked His Holiness Pope Francis and said his words “comfort us today and encourage us on this path of correction, healing, and reparation”.