Heavy rains have caused flooding in northern and north-central Vietnam, and officials of the local Church are encouraging aid for those affected. Continuous rains from July 23 – Aug. 6 have led to flooding around Sơn Tây which has killed at least 28 people. Eleven people are missing, buildings, roads and bridges have collapsed, and agriculture has been severely affected.

Fr Paul Nguyễn Quốc Anh, director of Caritas in the Diocese of Hưng Hóa, has challenged laity and religious to buy food, water, and medicine for the flood and landside victims, “for Catholics and non-Catholics

On July 27, Auxiliary Bishop Alsphonse Nguyễn Hữu Long of Hưng Hóa visited the small mountain community of Sùng and the missionary area in Tả Phời. The areas are notably poor and remote. The bishop encouraged the residents to persevere during this difficult time.

Source: www.asianews.it