Since over a week, Kerala has been battered by heavy rain and landslides. The state is witnessing its worst monsoon since over a century in terms of the impact. The churches of the Eparchy of Kalyan in Mumbai have come up with various initiative prayer services for all the people in Kerala who are struggling to get back to their lives from this storm of difficulties.

St. Thomas Church of Kalyan Diocese , Vartak Nagar, have organized a special prayer service for Kerala on 19th August, 2018 from 3pm to 4pm. St. Thomas Church, Kalina, have arranged the services on 17th August, 2018, asking the faithful to fast while praying. Christ the King Church, Bhandup, had organized special adoration and Holy Mass for Kerala on 16th August, 2018. Mary Matha Church, Sakinaka, pleaded to the Lord Almighty for Kerala by organizing a special adoration and prayers on 16th August, 2018.

Many other churches of the diocese have also joined their hands for Kerala before the Creator, requesting Him to calm the nature and asking him to strengthen everyone in Kerala to survive this storm of disasters.