A four-day Asia regional consultation has explored creating space for the churches in Asia to discuss and share the concerns related to HIV and AIDS, human sexuality and reproductive health. Organized by the Christian Conference of Asia as part of its special program on Acting Together in Combating HIV and AIDS in Asia, the August 15-18 consultation held at Chiang Mai, Thailand, brought together representatives of churches and ecumenical organizations from eight countries in Asia.

As reported by mattersindia.com, The presentation on ‘Theological Perspective of Human Sexuality’ by Stephen Suleeman of Jakarta Theological Seminary in Indonesia reflected on the HIV/ AIDS situation in Indonesia and the need to understand human sexuality and reproductive health in vulnerable situations. Reverend Mathews George Chunakara, CCA general secretary, in his remarks at the opening session noted that the pandemic of HIV and AIDS has now been recognized as an important issue to be addressed by the churches in Asia. A comprehensive framework for achieving sexual and reproductive health and rights, including the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS is to be worked out, he added.

The participants of the consultation on ‘HIV/AIDS, Human Sexuality and Reproductive Health’ were invited from among the churches and related organizations that had experience in addressing the concerns related to HIV/AIDS, human sexuality and reproductive health. The consultation ended by re-affirming that “we are all created in the image of God with all our inequities and differences. Following the footsteps of Jesus, we are called to prophesy among our brothers and sisters who experience injustices, violence and alienation due to their sexual differences that they should also have the fullness of life.”


Source: www.mattersindia.com