The Eparchy of Kalyan has decided to observe this year as the ‘Year of young spouses and working youth’, in order to promote the pastoral activities for identifying and accompanying the working youth and young spouses to provide them with effective pastoral care

The theme has been precisely explained with an effective logo that conveys : Jesus breathed his last on the cross, so that we may breathe forever. The lifeless clay was turned into living human body at the breath of God. He is the only one who lives forever and whoever believes in him and partake in his body and blood shares his eternal life. The logo of the year is the tree of life, whose main trunk is the sacrificed Jesus, who continues to live through his people. Therefore, this logo invites each ones of us especially the young to stay close to Jesus, the life-giver and to remain fresh and vibrant as green. He will continue ‘breathing life to your story’.

This initiative is been taken up by the diocese of Kalyan in association with Spouses for Christ Movement, Kalyan Eparchy Youth, Jesus Youth and Jesus Nurses Fraternity