The Bishops of Nigeria held their second Plenary of 2018 in Sokoto from September 6-14. “Do not be afraid” is one of the keynotes of the final communique of the Nigerian Bishops’ Conference, issued at the conclusion of their Plenary Assembly.

As reported by Vatican news, In their statement, the Bishops condemn violence and insecurity in Nigeria, and call on the government “to defend the life and property of every Nigerian citizen.” They encourage office holders to work for the good of the whole country, instead of being focused on special interests. In particular, they urge the government to respect freedom of religion, as guaranteed by the constitution. At the same time, they say, “we enjoin everyone to avoid acts of religious fanaticism in order to promote peaceful co-existence and harmony.”

In conclusion, the Bishops of Nigeria recall the importance of prayer, recalling that “Our Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated the power of prayer during his earthly life.” They call on the faithful of Nigeria to follow Jesus’ example of praying at all times; and especially recommend the daily recitation of the Holy Rosary, as well as other forms of devotion.  Confessing their belief in the “abiding presence of God and his faithfulness,” the Bishops invite all Nigerians “to put their trust in God, while working hard to build a harmonious and peaceful nation.”