DEW: You are a Revolution

“Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.”
Extracted from ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ by Robert Frost.

Our environment, our nature and its warmth gives us the reminiscence of how humble, serene and graceful a soul can always be. We set on quests for this tranquility that mother nature offers us. Our traditions, our cultures are all associated with the green that surrounds us. It soothes our hearts and heads after the unstill waves of this busy lifestyle. Nature has imprinted her peace on our minds….the peace of everlasting goodness and beauty.

But…….are we, the self proclaimed majestic inventors leaving an imprint of gratitude? Or have we left on her the most terrorising imprint of our hazardous inventions on the tender bosom of Nature?

Yes, you can relate to her, you can feel her, because you are her…..and she sings to you……..


“When I clutch’d your hand, it was not with terror;

But suddenly, pouring about me here, on every side,

And below there where the boys were drilling, and up the slopes they ran,

And where tents are pitch’d, and wherever you see, south and south-east and south-west,

Over hills, across lowlands, and in the skirts of woods,

And along the shores, in mire (now fill’d over), came again, and suddenly raged.”


    Extracted from “THE CENTENARIAN.” By Walt Whiteman.


Our Nature had clutched her hand, we abused her heart of gem…………

She unwrapped her heart in our love, we drilled holes to extract Iron and Gold…………..

She lifted our spirits, we constructed concrete devils on them………..

Her sweet beauty of warm and green, has now turned yellow and cold….

Catholic Focus, being the change, in this world, introduce you to various subjects of life inventions which have harmed the Mother Nature and plead to you, the humanity in you to be the roots and branches of transformation and let your heart unite with God’s Beautiful gift to us- Our Nature, Our Environment.

Understanding our moral responsibility, the Kalyan Diocese is celebrating the Diocesan Environment Day on 2nd October, 2018.