Young adults are struggling to realize their passion, something to center their lives around, and the Church can help them find meaning, one young synod participant from Vietnam. Speaking at a press briefing on the second day of the youth synod, Joseph Cao Huu Minh Tri, 21, said the idea of “finding your true passion” is a “hot topic,” especially in Vietnam, and is the subject of numerous YouTube videos, seminars, and books.

As reported by CNA, Joseph noted that “But with all these supposed resources, if they are helpful, my question is why are there millions of young people and adults who are still struggling to find their true passion and live a happy life?” In the light of the Holy Spirit and faith, we believe that there is a way, based on the teachings of the Church, to be able to deal with the issues young adults face and to help them find their true passion, which should always be inspired by passion for the Lord.”

What Joseph would propose to bishops is an increased emphasis on human dignity and on promoting Catholic social teaching as a relevant way to engage with these modern issues, especially with practical guidelines for youth and young adults to follow.

Source: CNA