Percival Holt, president of the Indian Catholic Youth Movement and member of the National Youth Commission of India’s bishops’ conference, said he wanted to make it clear that the church has “immense love and concern” for young people. “The faults of one person cannot be blamed on the entire Catholic Church”, said the 25-year-old observer at the Synod of Bishops.

As reported by, Holt remarked that “The church cares for you. If we want the church to be different, we have to hold onto our values and principles. It’s a challenge for the bishops and the priests to break the generation gap, and to be more inclusive and friendly with us.” Further, he highlighted that “All we need is someone there, to listen to you, to help you find the way. We don’t want the church to make decisions for us, but we want them to help us make our decisions.”

When asked specifically about the clerical abuse scandal, Holt told that the abuse was not caused by the structure of the church, but by its members.

Source: Catholicphilly