India’s remotest diocese on October 21 organized unique programs to raise funds for missionary works around the world. Catholics of Miao, one of the two dioceses in the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, brought their farm produces for auctioning on the World Mission Sunday.

As reported by, Nemdung Mossang, a housewife who brought one of the three chickens for the auction, said, “We love our Church and we want to do our bit to help the Mission of the Church across the world.” Mossang said they have nothing but their farm produces to offer God. “Selling them today after Mass and contributing the money to the Mission gives us the most satisfying feeling of helping the Church.

The chickens had the highest bidding, each going for more than a thousand rupees, at the auction held after the Sunday Mass in the Sacred Heart Parish, Neotan in Changlang district. The parish also auctioned banana, pumpkin, spinach, yam, chili, papaya, and chicken, all produced in the farms of the parishioners. Similar events are held across the diocese every year to raise fund to celebrate Mission Sunday.