The draft of the final document was presented to the Synod Fathers and was greeted with a long round of applause, Dr Paolo Ruffini Prefect of the Vatican Dicastery for Communication said. The Synod Fathers will put forward proposals for integration into the final document. Dr Ruffini said that the document is different to the working document, the Instrumentun Laboris, but reflects many of the issues that were outlined in that document.

As reported by Vatican news, Mr Joseph Sepati Moeono-Kolio, an auditor representing Caritas International and Oceania from Somoa, said the Synod has been an overwhelming experience. He said that it has been a time in which the Church has been reflecting on its engagement with the world, being acutely aware of the challenges the Church faces and proactively going out to meet those challenges. He said that the Synod spoke about Catholic Social Teaching and how to equip young people to go and use it in the world to face the issues that are before them.

His Eminence Cardinal Charles Maung Bo from Myanmar said that after the Synod he personally and the Church in Myanmar will give more attention to young people. He said that he realized that young people have not be listened to as they deserve to be. He said that the Church needs to realize that young people are used-less and not useless. He said that he hopes that the whole Church will give attention to young people and follow up on the recommendations of the Synod.