His Holiness Pope Francis urged Christians to seek holiness not by accomplishing extraordinary things but by following the path of the Beatitudes without half measures in everyday life. The Pontiff reflected on the First Reading of the day’s Mass from the Book of Revelations that speaks about “a vision of a great multitude” singing God’s praise.  The Pontiff said this praise is most apt at Mass when we sing “Holy, Holy, Holy”. “We not only think of the saints, but we do what they do.”

As reported by Vatican news, His Holiness Pope Francis said we are united not only with the saints of the calendar but also with our “next door” saints – our relatives and acquaintances who are now part of that immense multitude.  Hence, the Pontiff said, All Saints Day is a family feast, because the saints, our truest brothers and sisters, love us, know what is our true good, help us, await us and want us to be happy with them in heaven.  His Holiness continued, “It may seem that the way of the beatitudes and holiness needs to lead to defeat, yet the First Reading depicts the saints holding “palm branches in their hands”, symbols of victory.  It is the saints who are victorious, not the world, and they exhort us to choose their side, that of God who is Holy.”

The Pontiff concluded his remarks by reminding that, “It is good for us to let ourselves be provoked by the saints, who never had half measures here on earth and who from there above “cheer” us, so that we choose God, humility, meekness, mercy and purity, because we are impassioned about heaven rather than earth.”