After Asia Bibi’s acquittal, and the countrywide protests by  Islamic radicals, the Catholic Church of Pakistan has called on Christians to refrain from making negative comments about Islam on social media. Whilst things are getting back to normal in the country, security levels remained high around churches

As reported by, At the end of the Sunday Mass, Fr Inayat Bernard, rector of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Lahore, said: “Do not comment, like or share any post regarding other religions. We have just suffered a painful torment. Do not engage in a religious argument at your office or with friends. Respect others to promote peace and harmony. Play a positive role and stay strong in your faith.” The Islamic parties demonstrated for three days, following the ruling Supreme Court that ordered the release of the Christian mother accused of blasphemy.

For his part, Ashiq Masih, Bibi’s husband, released a video-message from an unknown location. “I am requesting the prime minister of the UK and the president of US to help us in Pakistan. We are in trouble. It has been 10 years since I have been struggling with Joseph Nadeem (Executive Director Renaissance Education Foundation). Please help both families. We will be thankful for this kindness, looking forward to shift us to a safe place,” he said.