The first day of Krupabhishekam Bible Convention 2018’ was inaugurated with the Holy Mass. The Holy Mass was celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal of Kalyan Diocese and other concelebrants Fr.Jacob Poruthur, Fr.Kuriakose Kalaparambath, Fr. Lijo Velliyamkandhathil and Fr.Sheen Chittattukara.  The much awaited convention started at 4:30 pm with a Holy Mass which was followed by the retreat that lasted till 10 pm, led by Fr. Dominic Valanmanal and team.

On the first day, the convention urged the faithful to relate the word of God to a mirror. His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal highlighted in the retreat that “The mirror helps us to find ourselves and the word of God is exactly like a mirror. We should find ourselves in the light of the word of God. We need to understand the condition of our spirit, by looking at ourselves through God’s eyes.” Further, His Grace Bishop added, “We need to understand our relations with our brothers and should help them in their needs. If we are not ready to help our brothers who are in need, then we won’t be able to say that we are practicing our true faith. Then, we need to understand our relation with God. We need to consciously recheck whether we are being forgetful about our relationship with God while being busy in our worldly lives.”

Thousands of faithful gathered at Patini ground, Airoli, witnessed the first day of the miraculous bible convention with joyful grace and peace.