In Christian-majority Mizoram, some Hindu temples do as the churches do. The Central Gorkha Mandir Committee manages 13 such temples in Mizoram, five of them in State capital Aizawl. Rituals across these temples are uniform and minimalist, and they follow the schedule of the churches around. Sundays, thus, are congregation days for the devout, primarily for reasons of convenience on the weekly holiday, although it’s not mandatory to attend.

As reported by thehindu, Uday Kumar, president of the committee said, “There’s no harm in being inspired by another religion, offering discipline and positive impact.” Families take turns in bringing prasad — homemade suji halwa or kheer or boondi with pieces of fruits. Bharat Joshi’s family organised the prasad on November 11; this Sunday was Kumar Chhetri’s turn.

A concise booklet, modelled on the Christian book of psalms, features bhajans and shlokas recited at the temple. “It is handy for people who cannot memorise,” Bishnu Prasad Subedi, the temple’s priest, said.

Source: thehindu