The Pontifical Council for Inter- Saint Michael religious Dialogue felicitated Sikh people on Guru Nanak Prakash Diwas which, this year,falls on Nov 23. The Council’s secretary Bishop Miguel Ánge lAyuso Guixot in a message said Christians and Sikhs should work together to nurture “a culture of tenderness” in the world.It drew attention to the “alarming rise” in the number of people in our neighbourhoods and townships who feel unloved and uncared for and said it was “indicative of a tenderness index at an all-time low across the globe.”

As reported by, “May your festivities marking this feast renew and reinvigorate the bonds of mutual respect and love in your families and communities”and enhance happiness, harmony and peace, said the Vatican message. Tenderness, it said, is the ability “of humans to feel with and feel for others. The foundation of ‘tenderness’ is, undoubtedly, God Himself. The greater ‘tenderness’ manifests itself in our words and deeds, the better can the culture of tenderness spread its roots far and wide, it said. Nurturing the ‘culture of tenderness’ can be a new model for inter-religious engagements and joint achievements towards the building of a better world through a shared vision and a common action, the message said.

It wanted Christians and Sikhs to join hands with believers of other religious traditions to“do all we can, in humility and human solidarity to promote a ‘culture of tenderness’ for the betterment of humanity.