Speaking to the pilgrims gathered in the Paul VI Hall for the weekly General Audience, His Holiness Pope Francis said his catechesis concludes a series dedicated to the ten Commandments, that he explained, provide us with the key to open ourselves up “to receive His heart, His desires, the Holy Spirit”. God, the Pontiff continued, invites us “to be obedient so that He can redeem us from the deception of idolaters who have so much power over us”.

As reported by Vatican news, His Holiness Pope Francis pointed out that when we seek self-realization in the idols of this world, we are emptied and enslaved, while our relationship with God gives us freedom, stature and consistency. That relationship with the Father liberates us, he said, explaining that it is strengthened through the Spirit so that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith. This liberated life, His Holiness Pope Francis said, reconciles us with our personal history and makes us adults who are capable “of giving the right value to the realities and to the people in our lives”.

The Pope explained that in Christ we see “the true, the good and the beautiful” and that the Spirit “sparks in us faith, hope and love”; Jesus, he continued, “did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it”, “to make it grow”.