His Holiness Pope Francis has invited the faithful to “leave everything in order to go forward in proclamation and witness, just as Peter and Andrew did”. Speaking during the homily at morning Mass on the Feast of St Andrew the Apostle, the Pontiff also invited Christians to be close to the Church of Constantinople and he prayed for unity between the Churches.

As reported by Vatican news, The Pontiff focused his reflection on announcing the Gospel urging believers to put aside “that attitude, that sin, that vice” that each of us has “within” in order to be “more coherent” and to be able to be credible in proclaiming Jesus with our own witness. To proclaim Jesus Christ, he said, is not just bringing “simple news” but “the only great Good News” he said. Announcing Christ, the Pope continued, is neither proselytism nor advertising nor marketing: it goes well beyond.

All of us, the Pontiff concluded, take on “the mission of proclaiming Christ” and of living as Jesus “taught us to live in harmony with what we preach” when we are baptized, otherwise the result is scandal and that does “so much harm to the people of God”.