Rome: Corona has confirmed to ninety-nine nuns in two mosques in the Lazio region of Italy. Alessio D’Amato, the regional head of the health department, said the results of the Covid-19 test for the nuns were positive yesterday. Concerns about the spread of the disease in the monastery have intensified. Forty-six of those diagnosed with the disease were from the San Camilo Convent in Grottaferata, just outside Rome. The remaining 19 are nuns of the Angelic Sisters of St Paul’s Convent in Rome. 

The average age of deaths due to disease in Italy is 79.5. This is less than the average age of the inmates of many nuns in Europe. Sister Bernadette Rossoni, a San Camillo convent superintendent, said three of the infected saints were taken to hospital and others are being monitored at the Mt. Meanwhile, Sister revealed that it is unclear how many people are actually infected. 

There are many elderly nuns living in different monasteries around the world. Shortly after the letter of Cardinal Bras, head of the Vatican Council, issued a letter confirming that the clergy and nuns should take care of their health and follow the instructions of government officials and church officials. In Italy, 30 clergymen have died so far.


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