New York: A Catholic clergyman from the New York State has climbed to a height of 2,000 feet in the wake of an outbreak of coronary disease in the United States. The parish priest of St. Louis Catholic Church in Pittsford, Fr. Hannan sprinkled water and prayed for Benitez’s flight to and from Rochester, New York. The venture was on Thursday with the help of Anthony Daniel, a believer, and pilot in his parish.

He attributed such an approach to the example of the clergy in his hometown of Columbia when he was a child. Typically, the flight altitude is six thousand feet. Pilot Anthony had obtained special permission to fly low altitude 2000 feet. The clergyman sprayed the sacred water in the bottle, opening the window of the airplane at 90 miles per hour.

Blessing the city with holy water would be a relief to the people when Corona was in fear. “I want to tell people that they are not alone in the face of this epidemic they have never seen in their lives,” Fr. Benitez added. There are currently 54941 cases reported in the United States. The country’s death toll has reached 784.


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