The Hong Kong Church has taken decisions to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading across the globe. The temple was canceled for two weeks due to the severe situation. This includes the Vibhuti Thirunal rituals. “The next two weeks are crucial to eradicate the coronavirus epidemic,” he said.

Cardinal John Tong informed the believing community that the Holy Eucharist and the Vibhuti Thirunal Mass were canceled on Sundays and Sundays from February 15-28. He urged the believing community to rely more on God in times of distress. Shepherd’s letter instructs the media to attend the Holy Mass for two weeks, to recite the prayer at home, and to read the Bible. Cardinal John Tong called on the believing community to help others and pray for them.

In the Catholic Church, fasting days before Easter begin with Vibhuti Thirunal. There are about five million believers in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has an open border with China. Corona, which has taken the lives of thousands of people in China, has received over 50 people in Hong Kong so far. Reportedly, one person died.


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