Rome: The number of Catholic priests who died of Covid’s 19 deaths in Italy has exceeded 50, the Italian Bishop’s Conference has said. According to reports from various dioceses, parishes and families of clergy, the number of clergymen who died was reported by the Italian bishop’s newspaper Avinir. Eight clergymen died on Thursday alone following the outbreak. Ten clergymen died in two days. Most of the clergymen lost their lives in Bergamo. Only twenty clergymen died there.

According to reports, 17 clergymen are in the hospital. Two of them are in the emergency department. Priests aged 45 to 104 are on the list of dead. Most of the dead were between the ages of fifty and sixty, reports the Italian daily Corrie della Sera. In Italy, clergymen are more likely to die than doctors in voluntary work. The clergy are still volunteering with the people who are suffering from coronation despite the general sacrifice being stopped. This has been cited as one of the reasons behind the increase in Vedic deaths.

Parma Diocese Enrico Salmi told Avenir that the clergy’s illness was painful. He explained that the clergy become sick when they visit the emergency department because of their zeal. The Italian Ministry of Health announced yesterday that 5476 people have died of coronary artery disease in the country. On Saturday alone, 793 people died.


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