Diocesan Council for Catholic Women of Bombay (DCCW) , the council which is formed to coordinate the activities of women , in civic, social, cultural, educational, health, economic, religious and spiritual fields and thus to play more effective role in the life of the Church and the country, on behalf of the Council of Catholic Women of India (CCWI) is expected to hold the National Conference of the Catholic Women of India in Mumbai from 9th October to 12th October 2017. The main theme of the Conference will be “Woman Builder of Bridges”, to fulfill the purpose of empowering the women of India irrespective of their caste and creed.

Knowing and understanding the deteriorating conditions of women in India, the council has decided to note and concentrate on this issue well clear with an intention to help the women in India to speak and act as a body on all matters of public interest and specifically, matters affecting the life and ideals of women. Around 200 delegates are expected to participate in the conference which is going to be held.

The main aim of the Council also includes:  to effect coordination between different Catholic organizations of women existing in dioceses and different regions, to promote the establishment of diocesan council under the guidance of the local ordinaries, to be in contact with the Catholic Bishops Conference of India for all matters affecting the Church and the organization.