Canberra: A video of an Australian Malayalee nurse has gone viral on social media, inspiring coworkers who serve in fear of Covid 19. A video of a Malayalee playing a young man before he went to work in hospital He testifies in the video that all the medical professionals in service in the Kovid context pray for Jesus’ name and that there will be special divine protection and great miracles through the power of his name.

He said this in light of his experience. He says that he has done so in the presence of his colleagues who have been reluctant to enter the room where the virus has been confirmed: “I Bless this Room in the Name of Jesus”. He urges those who are in the medical field to enter the room of the sick with the promise of blessing this room in the name of Jesus, in the face of the increasing number of viruses.

In doing so, all the medical workers in service will be protected in the glory of the Name of Jesus. Also, when entering the car or other vehicle after work or returning home, you must enter in the name of Jesus, praying that this vehicle has been blessed in the name of Jesus. Every knee will return before the Name of Jesus, so no fear will bother us. He also gives a message that those who are afflicted and terrified of the coronavirus will be able to get rid of all the nightmares of life when they realize the greatness of Jesus’ name.

All should pray that the sickness of the Name may perish in the glory of the Name of Jesus over the hospitals and the sick. His video concludes with a prayer that Australia and all the nations of the world will be blessed in Jesus’ name. Though the name of the person who shared the powerful message is anonymous, the video is being shared by thousands of people in the media. More than three hundred thousand people have seen it on the Facebook page of the Middle East Christian Youth Ministry alone.

At the same time, it highlights the zeal of the community that many people are coming forward to express their faith in the true God, Jesus Christ, despite the objections of atheists in the face of a global crisis.


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