THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Archdiocese of Thiruvananthapuram has called for the observance of the holy week by strictly adhering to all instructions and guidelines issued by the district administration and authorities. All evening rituals should be avoided, except for the liturgies of Holy Week. Do not force anyone to observe the Holy Week or to attend Sunday Mass. Palm Sunday procession is completely avoided, should the branches of chaplains in the temple,

The Passover should not be avoided on Thursday. Have been provided. Temples must be closed and night worship should be avoided once the Passover Thursday ceremony is over.

Worship may resume on Friday mornings, but only the unit members and other devotees, who are scheduled every hour. The maximum number of attendees should be set to 50 every hour. The practice of liturgical worship at home should be encouraged. Avoid kissing in the form of a cross on Good Friday. Crucifixion should be practiced at a distance between people.

Traditionally, the Thumpavu Prakasam which was traditionally held on Good Friday has been strictly banned. No form of orphanage or outside crossing should be conducted. Regular visits to various shrines on Good Friday should also be avoided. The public should be encouraged to confess. The circular also says more people should avoid gathering on confession days.


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