LUBLIN: As a result of the Eucharistic demonstrations that are part of the fight against the Corona, the priest who travels in prayer and chanting of Saint Anthony of Padua for the sake of his eminence touches the hearts of the Polish people. Fr. Fr. Miroslo Madusny is the subject of discussion in the new media.

Funeral Mass will be held after the Mass on Tuesday evening. Miroslaw made his announcement via the new media. He began his spiritual mission on the street, calling on the people of the parish to pray in the window of his own home. He urged the believers to burn candles and display images of Saint Anthony on the cross. The clergyman wrote on Facebook that his mission was not only to fight coronation but also to eliminate the threat of disloyalty.

Though the Holy Mass is being broadcast in the media, Fr. Miroslaw said. The 13-week long vigil with the mission of Save the Faith of Faith is given by Fr. Miroslaw has begun. He made it clear that he would continue his solo march until the corona panic subsided. Meanwhile, Fr. The picture and video of Miroszlo have been shared by hundreds of people on social media.


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