Why do people who believe in the power of God shut down temples for fear of the epidemic? For Christians, there are passages in the Old Testament Scriptures that demand that the Lord, who is able to cure all ailments, take precautions to prevent the spread of disease. This is clearly seen in the book of Leviticus chapter 13 and in the later chapters. The following is just one sentence. The priest shall examine him on the seventh day.

Although it focuses mainly on epidemics such as skin disease and leprosy, it means that believers must take the same stance in all cases of epidemics according to age. The Catholic Church does not run away from the disease, epidemics, natural disasters, or wars. Volunteers of the church are actively involved in this. Fr. Damien and the monks and clergy who served the wounded in the face of the IS are just a few examples.

There are many saints in the church who have given up their lives and ministered to themselves when the epidemic broke out. The church does not neglect the spiritual work of those who are infected. Any clergyman is always willing to risk his life by giving sickness, confession, Vicaribal, and posthumous services to those affected by coronation. This is what has been done so far in every epidemic.

Miracles and Healings are not, as many think, the goal of Christian prayers. These are opportunities to express unity, love, and gratitude to God. Healing is just one of many gifts from God. The Church has never substituted them for medicine because they seem to occur more in spiritual environments. If that were the case, the church would not have hosted such hospitals and patient care centers.

The widespread publicity that the shrines are closed because religion fails to cover up the failures and abuses of science only serves to shatter the people’s last hope. The truth must be understood that religion and science are not mutually exclusive. The world also needs to believe in logic and faith-based logic.

– Fr. James Kokavayal/ Pravachakashabdam 


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