Saint Oswald, who by birth was of Danish descent, was educated at the home of his uncle ‘Odo’, bishop of Fleury, France. In 959 he returned to England. In 962, St. Dunstan’s made him bishop of Worcester. As a bishop, the saint tried hard to eliminate many of the immoral things that existed in his church. He also built several ashrams. These include the famous Ramsey Monastery in Huntingdonshire. In 972 he was anointed as bishop of St. Oswald’s Church. However,

Oswald worked hard not only to promote the moral uplift of the clergy but also to enhance their theological knowledge. The Holy Writer has written two books and many of the Epistles of the Church. Throughout his career, he was associated with St. Dunstan and St. Ethelwold.

After the death of the saint in 992, the saint was generally worshiped by the names of two other saints. Saint Oswald has been revered as one of the three saints who revived the English monastic way of life.


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