Thiruvananthapuram: Fr. Daniel Poovanathal’s video goes viral in the new media. He said that the believers are in a lot of pain when the Holy Mass is being abolished, but

there is no sacrifice in the world until the last priest dies. Daniel explains. The message of the clergyman, that

millions of children cannot attend the Holy Eucharist, the most beloved children of the Lord Jesus, is more than a matter of getting food or perhaps getting sick. One thing in this context I would like to remind my dear children of God.

Sacrifices with people’s participation are being stopped as a temporary arrangement. Many people wonder if it is a horrible situation that the sacrifices are missing from one of the more than 400,000 altars in the world.

Of course, sacrificing oneself is a burden. But one thing must be remembered here that the beloved children of God, the fact that the temples are closed. It is also true that the sacrifices that the common people have come together with the participation of the people are gone. But at the same time, we must not forget that the sacraments of the Holy Communion are not lost in the Holy Catholic Church and other churches, in any church that takes the altar or the sacrifice seriously, and in one or more of these days. There are now more than four hundred thousand clergy in the Holy Catholic Church. Those clergies are sacrificing themselves every day.

Generally, the children of God are not able to participate in the sacrifices offered by the government in the temples. It is serious, but the sacrifices are gone. More than 400,000 sacrifices are being made in the world today, tomorrow and tomorrow. To continue.

One thing to remember here, the beloved sons of God, are the beautiful clues in Judaism when the high priest’s garment as directed. God had woven twelve stones, representing the twelve tribes, to the heart of the priest and to the heart. The chief priest’s garment is characterized by twelve stones commemorating the twelve tribes. This is the thought that we can most readily accept in connection with the priesthood of the New Testament. God’s people are always burning like a never-ending lamp in a priest’s heart. I am a priest. More than 400,000 clergy, including myself, are ordained priests in the Holy Catholic Church and millions in other churches. God has placed the people of God who have been assigned to that priest in the heart of every one of these millions of priests.

Even if you cannot come to church in accordance with the instructions given by the government, you should know that we are all present in all the sacrificial days and days of our life, tomorrow and every day that God gives us. Therefore, all the clergy will sacrifice all the clergy no matter how serious the situation is in the world. Sacrifices do not cease in this world until the last priest dies. Therefore do not burden your beloved children. You shouldn’t be in trouble. If you are unable to make a sacrifice tomorrow or tomorrow, even if you cannot sacrifice in the days to come, do not be burdensome. Pray for the Holy Communion in the homes and places where you live, by participating in the Holy Communion offerings, which are broadcast live and online. All the clergy of the world are lovingly reminding you that there will be all the children of God who so desire and pray in every Holy Mass that is to be offered at a future time.

Let no one despair of it, nor think that the altars are empty. There will be Holy Communion in this world until the last Achan dies. The whole world can remember the Holy Mass. Moreover, all governments are reminded that they have to give up all contact with the mainstream of society. 

The twenty-sixth chapter of Isaiah’s prophecy, verse 20 says, “Come, my people, enter into your room and shut the door behind you. This is what God requires of us at this time, and He wants us to stay away from contacts until the epidemic stops, in accordance with the instructions of the authorities. It is lovingly reminded to accept the directives in that sense. Thus God asks us to remain hidden until the cure of the disease until the calamity has subsided. Thus in the Gospel of John, we find the risen Jesus coming down into the midst of the apostles, who were locked in awe.

No matter what part of the world you are, maybe things in Italy are terrible and things in Spain and Europe are terrible. There are many people who are grieving. The people around him see the dead. People in the adjoining apartment are dying to know. Many people in Italy and elsewhere have shared the sight of the bodies of the dead being burned without burial.

Our Christian hope is that the risen Jesus will come to the children of God, who are thus hidden, like the Apostles, who are wrathful and indignant.

We pray together in spiritual fellowship for all the children in the world who are suffering in the name of the Lord Jesus. All meditation centers share prayer and prayer with the help of live healers on these occasions. Blessed Fathers of the Diocese, join and pray spiritually when offering the Holy Mass online via YouTube. Let’s pray together. Fr. Daniel’s message ends. Millions of people have watched this video on YouTube and Facebook.


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