Changanassery Archbishop Mar Thomas, Archbishop of Changanassery said that it is time for the hands of the people of God to go to heaven and the clergy should make sure that there is a fire in the homes of the children of God. He shared the note on his official Facebook page today in the Kovid context. He noted that the suffering of the Son of God on the Cross is still a mystery and that the sufferings of human life remain a mystery and we must learn to face the suffering with Jesus.

Mosques and public institutions have been forced to close due to coronation. Perhaps this is not the case in our memory. Therefore we can understand it only with extraordinary spiritual ideas. The question of why God permits suffering has been around since man’s time. It is uncertain whether a satisfactory answer has been received so far. But let me say this: Even though we cannot find the answer to why suffering is happening, the cross of Calvary showed us the God of suffering. Just as the sufferings of the Son of God on the cross are still a mystery, so are the sufferings of human life. However, we must learn to face suffering with Jesus. In any case, my Lord is with me.

Dear clergymen should not forget one thing: The public function in the mosques is not because the people did not come. On the contrary, the increasing number of people is only in keeping with government proposals. This is the time when people need God’s power. Therefore, Holy Communion should be held daily in the temples of the Almighty. It is time for our hands to go up to heaven for God’s people. Prayers and prayers should be made available to the public using online facilities. This time should be spent on the sanctification of ourselves and others. We must also make sure that the homes of our children, who are daily wage workers, do not burn in the fireplace. God is with us. Bishop posted on Facebook.


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