Thiruvananthapuram: The Latin Archdiocese of Thiruvananthapuram today announced the public forgiveness service offered to the church with exceptional circumstances such as epidemics, accidents and shortage of priests. When such conditions arise, it is the decision of each diocese. In a statement, Archbishop M Suzapakyam said that the Vicariate can be given a public pardon service until the Lutheran Archbishop gives another warning after evaluating the circumstances of each region.

Full text of the circular issued by the Archbishop in this regard

In 1973, Paul VI issued the Rite of Penance, incorporating the guidelines of the Second Vatican Council. According to this tradition, the most common way for believers to reconcile with God is through personal confession. The church allows for general forgiveness with the permission of the diocese, with the precautionary measures in cases of epidemics, accidents, imminent death, and shortage of priests. We evaluate how the coronavirus is spreading today. The Vicariate can offer a general pardon service until our Liturgy is given another warning in our diocese by assessing the circumstances of each region.


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