Minneapolis: The bishops in the US state of Minnesota have allowed parishioners to resume Holy Communion in the wake of the Minnesota administration’s proposal that religious groups should not be allowed. In a joint statement released yesterday, six bishops in Minnesota said they would start public communion services beginning May 26. The Mass will be held according to public health and safety standards. The bishops openly warned that it would not be right to continue the ban on religious groups of up to ten people when people could enter shopping malls and stores with less than 50% of their maximum capacity.

The bishops have moved ahead with an executive order dated May 13 to announce that the ban on religious groups for more than ten years will continue. In a statement, the bishops say they have decided to go ahead with their decision, since Governor Wallace and the administration he heads are unclear about the possibility of public restoration of the Mass.

The communique church states that parishioners who start Holy Communion must meet the church’s standards and disinfectants, including limiting the number of worshipers to one-third of the seating capacity. The bishops say they have twice written to the governor to negotiate with the government, but they were not effective. The bishops ‘statement ends by saying that we must work together in a way that is beneficial to the nation, in order to serve the believers’ lives and fulfill our responsibility to worship God.


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