Thiruvananthapuram: The chief minister’s admiration for the strong stand taken by the Christian churches and other religious leaders over the Covid 19 restrictions, were expressed publically. The steps taken to avoid the crowds of churches and mosques are laudable. CM said that the steps taken by KCBC against the spread of Covid are commendable. He said Cardinal Mar Baselios Cleemis had called him directly and expressed his support for the Covid defense.

When the Archbishop of Thalassery returned home after a visit to Australia, he set himself up as a model in Quarantine and made it known through video. Various dioceses have recommended that all gatherings and celebrations, such as outing, meditation, convention, and pilgrimage, be avoided until the 31st of this month. The Jacobite Church also issued a circular proposing restrictions. The pilgrimage to the Parumala Church was completely stopped. The CSI church also made arrangements.


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