Washington, DC: The Washington Bible Museum is in progress, featuring remnants of Christians who have suffered persecution for their faith in Jesus in the Middle East. The show is titled ‘Cross in Fire’. Recently, members of the United States Congress and Hungarian leaders have called for the world to be aware of the persecution that Christians are still facing. As a continuation of this, the exhibits were taken from the National Museum of Hungary to Washington. The museum has exhibits depicting the attempts of the Islamic State to eliminate ancient Christian communities.

The exhibition also features pictures of Christians struggling to rebuild their lives after suffering atrocities at various places. Prior to the opening of the exhibition, Tristan Ausbൺch, Hungarian secretary of state for the persecuted Christian community, said in a message to the Washington Museum that the exhibition is set up to witness the atrocities perpetrated against Christians. He described violence against Christians as the biggest human rights issue.

Tristan Ausbach recalled that eight Christians were killed every day in the faith and nine thousand churches were attacked by militants in the past year alone. He said the exhibition at the Bible Museum was not just a cultural event but an opportunity to get to know the persecuted Christian community personally and help them. Various American political leaders were present at the opening of the exhibition. The show will last until March 2nd.


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